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Achery Rules

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 10, 2013 8:42 pm    Post subject: Achery Rules Reply with quote

Archery Rules

All rules below apply to archery conducted within the activities of LMS Inc.
1. Any person partaking in archery activities associated to LMS must abide by the club safety rules and obey all verbal rulings directed by the Captain of Archery, safety officer, acting safety officer or by any committee members present.
2. Non-members may attend a total of 3 archery end of month meets before being required to become a member. A disclaimer and the Archery attendance role book must be signed and paid for prior to commencement of participation.
The LMS archery safety rules must also be read by either the attending adult or by the attending child’s parent/guardian.
LMS members must ‘sign in’ in the Archery attendance roll book and pay the attendance fee per archery meet.
3. All members or non-members participating in LMS related archery activities must be accompanied by an adult or guardian if under the age of 18 years.
4. Safe and responsible behaviour must be up-held at all times by all persons involved with LMS. Should a person breach this ruling, and depending on the nature of the offence, a verbal warning will be given by the present safety officer and other authorities as mentioned in rule No: 1. (A direct suspension of membership may also be issued and non-members will be exempt from any further participation from thereafter the incident. A committee decision will be made as to determine the suspended member’s ongoing involvement with the club, if any.)
5. All new LMS members will be given a lesson and briefing of English longbow archery safety and archery safety in general. Lack of competence in understanding these rules will result in no further participation within the club regarding archery.
6. We strongly advise that LMS archers must wear an arm brace and use either a finger tab or leather glove. Whilst this is not compulsory, we thereafter take no responsibility if an archer incurs constant arm bruising and nerve damage to the fingers. (Repeated bruising and repetition of drawing the bow unprotected will result in nerve damage to the arm and fingers – PERMANENTLY!)

7. LMS Inc. requires archers to wear historical 14th Century English soft-kit to certain events. Such events with this requirement will be clearly stated and advertised on the forum under Events or in any other appropriate section. Any attire deemed inaccurate will result in the member being asked to remove such attire.
If you are intending to partake in any form of pictorial advertising whilst representing LMS/BG you must seek Committee approval prior to the event.
(Please refer to the Forum, Traditional Archery, LMS Historical Attire, to seek recommended period correct attire. Otherwise please seek the advice from the current secretary.)
8. Any person using LMS Inc. club equipment must follow safety and usage instructions and show competency of understanding them. Breaching any instruction will result in being banned from using club equipment.
9. As we at LMS Inc. focus on the 14th Century English Longbow we encourage new members to obtain an English Longbow (self-bow or laminate)* and use historically correct wooden arrows. (All new archery equipment obtained by a new member must be safety checked by the Captain of Archery prior to use at any LMS activity or event.) Bow and arrow supplies contacts can be found in the LMS Inc. web page index, Archery. www.lms.asn.au/archery.htm
*Please note that within Longbow bow types, variations to construction will determine event competition categories that you will be able to enter. Please seek advice from the club Captain of Archery or your chosen Bowyer before finalising your choice of Longbow. Cubs are exempt from this ruling within our club regarding bow type. However, they must be of the Traditional bow type for display events. Compound bows are strictly prohibited within all ages and both genders.
(Please also note that whilst we allow other traditional bow types at our club monthly meets and at some events, we advise that such bow types are excluded from gaining LMS Archer of the Month, Archer of the Day for LMS events and Archer of the Year within LMS members.)
10. Respect between personalities within the club must be adhered to at all times. As the committee we do not tolerate any verbal slurring, any physical violence or bullying of any kind outright. This also extends to visitors to our club and the general public whilst a member is representing LMS Inc. in any way. Your safety is also the safety of fellow archers and public alike.
This also includes when wearing any LMS official garment before or after partaking in an LMS associated event and/ or in your own free time. Our aim is to gain a healthy interest in our club, not to cause disinterest.
"One shall stand, one shall fall".
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